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Hersheys Kisses Buttercreme

Hershey’s Kisses have a nice habit of coming out with seasonal flavors over the course of the year. Many flavors from year prior make re-appearances, like my beloved Pumpkin Spice Kisses, Mink Kisses, Cherry Cordial Kisses, etc. New flavor variations are getting harder to come by, as I’m sure it’s hard to think up a new flavor that would potentially be successful. For instance, over the Holiday season I found the Irish Creme Kisses, but found them so unremarkable I decided it wasn’t worth a review. Rewind to a few weeks ago when I saw these new Buttercreme Kisses in Wal-Mart. I snatched up a bag eager to try this newbie.

The kisses come in a nice silver wrapper with cream colored stripes on them. They smell of chocolate with a very prominent dairy smell to them. It’s not quite creamy, it’s not quite cheesy, but it’s smells rich.

The texture is immediately smooth in the mouth, and it feels like a rich frosting. The flavor is very buttery. You get the flavor of the chocolate, but it really stands behind the creamy center it surrounds. The chocolate is quite a secondary taste, so if you’re looking for an intense chocolatey hit from these, you will be disappointed. The center, which you’ll see easily if you bite the kiss in half to reveal it’s rich yellow color, tastes just like a rich buttercream frosting. It’s very buttery, with notes of vanilla and cream, and it tastes just like cake frosting.

I was pleased with these, as I found them to be one of the better “new” flavors I’ve seen in the past few months. My boyfriend even liked these, as he usually turns his nose up at Hershey’s kisses. I really suggest picking these up if you’re a fan of cake frosting. 

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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