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Peanut Roca Package

After my pleasant experience with the Moca Roca I reviewed a few weeks ago, I was open to give the other varieties in the line a try. My problem is that I only ever see them sold in giant tins, and I really can’t justify buying so much just so I can taste a few for the blog. So when I was in my local dollar store and spied this singe serving size package of the Peanut Roca, I jumped on it like a starved lion. This is the opportunity I’ve been waiting for.

I’ve explained the Roca format before, but it bears repeating. They’re thick little logs of toffee that are covered with chocolate and nuts. They’re very dense and very tasty. I was curious as to how this one would be different. Is it rolled in peanuts instead of almonds? Is it peanut flavored toffee? Perhaps there’s peanut butter in there? My imagination ran wild.

As I unwrapped my first piece, the smell is of nicely roasted, salty peanuts.

The taste is of the fresh, salty peanuts and the rich, buttery toffee interior. I hardly taste the chocolate, much less want to pay attention to it as the peanuts are the real stars here. This Roca is a really nice mix as it has a great salty and buttery essence that I really enjoy, and I feel that the Moca one was lacking. I don’t get much of a “honey roasted” flavor, but it does have a sweeter peanut taste than most. Unfortunately, it still gets stuck all over and in my teeth which makes me sad since I find it so annoying. I was hoping that was a trait exclusive to the Moca flavor.

I’d was very pleased with this Roca variety and I feel comfortable now buying a big tin of it next time I see it in stores. I hope I come across smaller packages again, as I still haven’t tried the traditional Almond Roca or the Cashew Roca yet. Maybe it’s time for another trip to the dollar store!

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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