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Jelly Belly Coldstone Creamery Mix Package

Jelly Belly has been trying to push the envelope with flavors and products it seems in the past few years. Back when I was at the All Candy Expo in 2007 they unveiled their BeanBoozled beans: essentially a Russian roulette with good and gross flavors. This year they announced a line of flavors inspired by Cold Stone Creamery’s ice cream. I’m not quite sure on the connection between the two, especially since I’ve never been to Cold Stone Creamery (silly lactose intolerance). I am certainly intrigued by the idea of ice cream and jelly beans.


Jelly Belly Coldstone Creamery Mix

Chocolate Devotion: (Chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, brownie and fudge): So bland. It has a faint cocoa flavor, yet lacks that “chocolatey” punch you hope for and expect. It doesn’t taste artificial, just weak.

Our Strawberry Blonde: (strawberry ice cream, graham cracker pie crust, strawberries, caramel, whipped topping): This one is odd. It’s strawberry, but also has strong flavors of banana too. It’s sweet, tart and very concentrated in terms of flavor. My favorite of the bunch.

Apple Pie A La Cold Stone: (french vanilla ice cream, cinnamon, graham cracker pie crust, apple pie filling and caramel): Immediately you taste the cinnamon and apples. There’s a note of the caramel there too, but it’s faint. It reminds me of store-bought apple strudel muffins. Or cinnamon coffee cake.

Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip: (mint ice cream, choc chips brownie and fudge): This has a nice medium mint flavor, but the chocolate part tastes awful and ruins the whole Jelly Bean. It’s horribly fake tasting, like Tootsie roll’s bad, ugly cousin. It also leaves an odd aftertaste in the mouth afterward.

Birthday Cake Remix: (cake batter™ ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, brownie and fudge): Very artificial vanilla flavor, right at the start. It’s overpowering and it burns my throat.

One thing does confuses me about these beans is their “mixability”. Most of all the other flavors in the Jelly Belly brand are meat to be eaten together in certain recipe combinations to make new flavors. I don’t see that happening with these. This isn’t a problem for me, as I like to eat my Jelly Beans one by one. I can’t help but wonder though…

Even eating these flavors solo, they aren’t enticing enough for me to recommend them.

Rating: Not Worth It


Not Worth It

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