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Jelly Belly Fruit Snacks Bag

I had heard wind of these Jelly Belly Fruit Snacks for some time now, as I see photos of them every so often from someone who was able to visit their factory in California. Fruit snacks are one of those candies that I’m not quite sure if they’re really candy or not. I mean, yes, they’re basically gummis that have fruit juice in them and are sort of sold as “healthy” snack items. I remember having them in my lunch packs, or at least on a lucky day, when I was a kid. They come in a all shapes and flavors, so it’s hard to really pin a certain kind down. Since Jelly Belly, a well known candy maker is creating these, I feel more confident reviewing them as candy. I found them in a Wegmans the other week, and I was pretty excited to see them being sold in normal stores now.

Opening up the bag, it smells of that generic fruity punch flavor. The front exclaims that it’s made with 7 different fruit juices! Pear, apple, strawberry, orange, cherry, raspberry, lemon are all listed in the ingredients list. Pretty impressive for a fruit snack, but not so for Jelly Belly as they use real fruit in all their jelly beans to begin with.

The texture of these are the same as the fruit snacks I remember as a kid. Very chewy and a bit sticky, and I’m left picking at my teeth afterward.


Jelly Belly Fruit Snacks

Orange: Strong, authentic, sweet tart flavor. Very true to life and it’s terribly yummy.

Cherry: A deep “red” flavor that quickly turns medicinal. Not to my liking, but I know many who’ll enjoy this.

Lemon: This one is immediately tart and lemony, this tastes exactly like the lemon fruit snacks of my childhood. Awesome.

Green Apple: This one tastes like red licorice at first, then the fake-y, sour green apple flavor slowly comes forward. I can taste a lot of pear in here, but I don’t see the point of making this apple “sour”. I think they were going for more of a tart granny smith taste, but it is just strange here.
Berry: Immediately flavorful and tastes just like raspberry jam. Full of juicy, berry and floral notes. It’s quite lovely.

Strawberry: Light, floral, berry like and jammy in flavor. Not as good as the raspberry, but still pretty tasty. Doesn’t exactly read as strawberry to me, more like generic “berry”.

These are really nice fruit snacks, but even though my memory is fuzzy as to who other fruit snacks taste, I can’t compare really. I do know these are more expensive then other brands, but they’re worth a try if you’re really into this kind of thing or you’d like to joggle your memory like I did.
Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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