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Knipschildt Pumpkin Bonbons Box

Yay, more pumpkin truffles! I’m happy to see that pumpkin is getting more attention from all the chocolatiers as of late. It makes my little candy and squash-loving heart so very happy.

These truffles are made by the famed Knipschildt chocolatier lover in Connecticut. I’ve had limited experience with their work, as I’ve only sampled a few bites at the Chocolate Show in New York last year. From what I recall I liked the flavor of the chocolate so I feel very optimistic, heck, extremely excited to give these a taste.

The packaging is extremely attractive. A nice, handmade paper orange box securely closed with a wooden peg. The label is removable and nicely designed. I’m already brainstorming as to what I can reuse this box for.

Opening it up, you’re greeted with a little army of the truffles. Forty of them to be exact, all lined up in rows waiting to be consumed. They’re cute to look at as they’re large and topped off with a pumpkin seed. They smell sweet and roasted with a hint of nutmeg.


Knipschildt Pumpkin Bonbons Bitten

The chocolate shell was thick, but didn’t crack and made it easy to bite into. It’s a nice milk chocolate with good strong cocoa flavors. The ganache is very rich and the texture reminds me of very smooth fresh frosting, minus the sugar grain and greasiness. The flavor is more like pumpkin than pumpkin pie, as it comes across as more bitter and roasted tasting than sweet. Strong notes of nutmeg and clove mask any cinnamon that may be lurking in there, and it makes the flavor much more dark and mysterious.

I reviewed the Godiva pumpkin truffles last week and I prefer those to these. Not only flavor wise are they sweeter and more like a dessert, but the price is a little easier to handle. I paid $40 for this box at Dean and Deluca’s (yes, I know, I was kinda asking for it shopping there).

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Knipschildt Chocolatier Website

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