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Lee's Chocolate Mint Bar

I found this, along with the Lee’s Jaffa Orange bar, in my local Wegman’s international aisle. I love browsing this section of the store, as they’re always bringing in new and different things for me to look at every time I visit. On this specific occasion I found these bars by the Scottish manufacturer Lee’s. I was first drawn to the Jaffa bar, but noticed this sister bar next to it, so I decided to bring both home.

This bar is described as a “A delicious mint creme fondant covered in real dark chocolate”. The packaging design is classic and very reminiscent of UK design with it’s tartan patterned stripes and bold background. The bar itself feels heavy in the hand and has a heft to it. Turning it over, I see the ingredients are so simple and straightforward. No funny business going on here.

As soon as I open the wrapper I immediately get a powerful scent of mint and peppermint. Wowza.

The bar itself is gorgeous. The dark chocolate coating is beautifully dark and rippled like sand when wind blows on it. The break is dense and clean and the mint fondant center is fresh and fragrant. The texture of the fondant is dense, and well, reminds me of hardened frosting, much like the Blue Monday bar I reviewed before.

The flavor is fresh, very minty and sweet. Like an intense, gourmet Andes mint. It’s good, but not quite my cup of tea. Afterward I felt like I ate some chocolate and chased it down with some Scope or toothpaste.

An awesome bar for those of you really into mint flavors. I appreciated it, but I can’t see myself getting it again out of personal preference.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

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