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Crunky Strawberry Tart

Following up on last week’s review of the Crunky Purple Potato Chocolate, today’s another variation of the Crunky bar that I haven’t seen before: Strawberry cheese tart. The package is gorgeous with it’s pink background and bright, saturated red strawberries. Crunky is a jumbled engrish name which I think mixes “Chocolate” of “Chunky” or “Crunchy”. Or maybe they tried for “Crunchy” and screwed it up. It’s hard to say. But it sure is amusing.

This Crunky bar is a pretty light pink color. The crisps are easily visible and you also see little red flecks of strawberry pieces. It smells sweet of that “Japanese strawberry flavor” that’s this interesting mix of fruity/bubble gum/floral flavors. It comes across as playful and fruity.

The taste starts of sweet and…. tasting like cream cheese. There’s a very distinct cheesy note to it. Then you get the Japanese strawberry flavor that starts off very fruity and leave a hint of flowers in your mouth. It’s very nice. The texture of the crisps makes the bar’s texture much more interesting for sure. The bar doesn’t come across too sweet, but it’s not bizarre at all, especially if you’re have strawberry flavored Japanese candies before. I liked it, especially since the cheesiness of it added a new level of depth to the flavor.

So this candy was pretty accurate in regard to it’s flavor description! Yummy and unique, if you come across it it’s a nice change from a normal candy bar.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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