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Red & Blacks Gummis

These Red & Blacks were a complete surprise as I’d never seen nor heard of these before. From what I understand, Marks and Spencer is a big grocery store in the UK, and the highest quality grocer, and they make their own line of products. So they have lots of candy offerings, and this is a bag of fruit candy that I hear is quite popular. I’m tickled to know that I was clueless to them before, as I love finding new things. Especially tasty ones.

One thing to mention is that these have no artificial flavorings and colorings.

The candy itself is very fragrant and smells very fruity of black currants, raspberries, blackberries and grapes. They have gelatin in the them according to the ingredients list, so they’re technically gummis. The Red & Blacks come in two colors: a dark purple and a nice raspberry red. The shapes are of raspberries that are oval with many organized raised bumps and a black currant which is round, thick and a small hatch marks to indicate the top of the berry.

The texture is awesome as it’s thick and almost more like a fruit snack fruit chew than it is a gummi. They’re much thicker, starchier and firmer. It still carries a good chew and doesn’t dissolve very quickly in the mouth. The flavor is very fruity with a light perfumed hit. The raspberry flavor is strongly fresh and juicy and it does taste mainly of raspberries with a strong sweetness and a touch of floral flavor. It’s very juicy, intense and realistic.

The black currant has a thicker texture, the chew is denser and much firmer. The flavor is incredible! It’s immediately juicy and fruity with strong grape and blackberry flavors supplement with that light hit of rose. It has a subtle twang of pine that real black currants have and the overall effect is very woodsy.

The Red & Blacks are so fun to eat and the flavor is so tempting that you want to suck on these, but you are just compelled to chew them. A hit in my book.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again





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