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Meiji Galbo Mini Package

It was a cold rainy day in November and my sister emailed me requesting I get on Skype to chat with her right away. She was in Japan at the time, and I was curious as to why she wanted to talk to me to urgently. This was an unusual request from her. Once I was on and talking to her, I found her excited and wanting to gush to me about a new chocolate she found while on break from classes that day. She started raving about the flavor and texture, and I wouldn’t have gotten the name if I hadn’t stopped her and requested it. “Oh!” she gasped, “It’s called Galbo. Ever heard of it?” I admitted I haven’t, and she promised to send me some in the candy care package she was working on for me. I thanked her and found myself excited to try this Galbo that got my sister so hot and bothered.

The day the package arrived I found this small package of Galbo mini in it. There was a small note in the box explaining she couldn’t find any of the normal sized kinda for mt to try, so this one would have to do. I didn’t care either way, but I set it aside to be the first to try out of all the treats she sent.

The pieces are indeed little, and they remind me of thicker versions of those wooden paddle spoons you get with cafeteria ice cream cups. They also look like fat, flat pinky fingers. It depends on how you look at them I guess. The outside chocolate coating is very shiny, glossy and smooth.

I took a bite to find a very smooth texture. At least until I started to chew, because it then turned crunchy right there in my mouth. Odd. The flavor is sweet and creamy and it reminds me of ice cream. The taste is more of cocoa than chocolate. I’m assuming it’s more like de-fatted chocolate, which is then pumped full of those “yummy” hydrogenated oils. It like eating a dairy fat enhanced hot cocoa. Blech.

Sorry sis, we don’t see eye to eye on this one.

Rating: Not Worth It


Not Worth It

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