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Mott's for Tots

Last but not least are the Mott’s for Tots fruit snacks. As you might guess, these are fruit snacks meant for toddlers. Not having children myself, I do have to wonder if there’s a need or even room for these in a young child’s diet. You know, since this stuff is candy. I also don’t know anything about parenting so who am I to say.

What makes these snacks “For Tots” I realized is the size. These are much smaller, at least half the size of a normal fruit snack. Which makes it easier for the toddler to chew and not choke on them is my guess. The texture is also different. These are more dense and sticky, while normal fruit snacks are chewier and don’t’ dissolve as easily.

Strawberry Banana: Very starchy and perfumy of bananas. Really tasty actually, I like it a lot.

Apple White Grape: The plain apple had grape notes to me, so I got this one confused with the other apple flavor.

Fruit Punch: The taste is similar to fake pink lemonade. I taste fruit flavors, but they’re metallic and somewhat sour. It does give off that “punch” vibe.

Apple: The plain apple had grape notes to me, so I got this one confused with the other apple flavor.

Out of all the Mott’s flavors I liked these the best since they were the most flavorful.

When I gave some of these to my boyfriend, he immediately noticed the texture difference and the more intense flavors. So it looks like it’s not just me being really picky! Out of all the Mott’s fruit snacks these are easily my favorite. I’m not saying go buy them for your toddlers since I feel weird doing that, but hey, they are tasty if you want some yourself.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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