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Newman's Own Tangerine Licorice Bag

I was pretty excited when I saw these Newman’s Own Licorice Twists in the store the other week. I bought these Tangerine ones along with the Black Licorice ones I reviewed last time. Licorice twists are a candy that I really want to love, but they always disappoint me by being so flavorless. Here’s hoping that these will live up to how nice they look! 

These twists are really pretty to look at. They’re a nice orange color with a hollow center. I can see these being some adorable lemonade or cocktail straws. They have no aroma, but they are soft to the touch, yet firm at the same time so they have a nice chew to them. The flavor is a nice tangerine. It’s certainly not orange. It has a nice sweetness with a really solid tart edge to it. The chew keeps you busy, but it isn’t hard. it does ask for more effort than a Twizzler. Tastes much better too.

I am really pleased with these. They’re so tasty! Both my fiance and I agree that these are super yummy. They package has 5oz of them in there, and I wish I had counted the twists before I started eating them. It’s a good amount I feel. If you’re into these types of candy, I recommend you check them out!


Newman's Own Tangerine Licorice

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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