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Reese's Pieces Pastel Eggs Package

I’ve shared my thoughts on Reese’s pieces before: hated as a child and I’ve come to appreciate them with special and infrequent cravings. I really just miss the chocolate with the peanut butter. I saw these on one of the candy hunts and wanted to give them a try, mainly because I hear so many good things about these in their Pastel Eggs format. Part of the allure was that if I didn’t end up liking them, I could at least get some pretty photos of them and then give the rest to my boyfriend, who is crazy about Reese’s Pieces.

All I can say right now, these changed my mind about Reese’s Pieces. This new shape and size changes everything. The pieces are eggs shaped: fatter like marbles with one end a little pointier than the other. They come in festive pastel colors: green, yellow, blue and pink. The quality control here is excellent as there’s little variation in shape and texture of the shells.


Reese's Pieces Eggs

Taking my first bite, I realize immediately what makes them special. There’s just more of everything. The shell is bigger and thicker, giving a more satisfying crunch and there’s more peanut butter. Enough to pleasantly coat your tongue if you’re patient enough to let it melt in in your mouth. This means there’s much more flavor, obviously. Some things are the same though: the shells feels nice and smooth on the tongue and the peanut butter is creamy, sweet with that perfect kick of salt.

A glowing example of how a small change in format can change a so-so candy into something stellar. If only I could get Reese’s Pieces like this year ‘round! I’m definitely going to look for more of these as the Easter sales continue.

Rating: Will Buy Again

Will Buy Again

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