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Ritter Sport Espresso

I was shopping in Cost Plus World market in November specifically looking for this Ritter Sport Espresso bar. I’m a big fan of Ritter Sport’s offerings, so I was very disappointed when Cost Plus didn’t have it anywhere in the store. Thankfully I found it on a second visit closer to Christmas, where I was doing some last minute shopping. I immediately snatched up three bars, as I anticipated that they were going to be really good. Finally I had my long awaited new Ritter Sport Espresso bar!

The packaging is classic, with the standard square shape that Ritter Sport is known for. The wrapper is a deep brown color, reminiscent of coffee, with a snowflake pattern all over it. It’s accented with a illustration of nice cup of espresso.

I opened the bar with the special “snap and open” method I’ve only seen on Ritter Sport bars. The chocloate smells rich and toasty with notes of caramel and smooth, roasted coffee. It’s an amazing aroma. I easily snap off a piece from the first, four-sectioned row.

The flavor starts out sweet and creamy with the chocolate. Beautiful notes of chocolate and cream, which are both smooth and very deep. The espresso flavor kicks in about halfway, introducing very intense flavors of smooth, roasted, earthy coffee flavors. The mixture of the two is incredibly heavenly.

This bar is amazing. The flavors blend so beautifully with each other while also remaining distinguishable. The texture of the bar is silky smooth to boot. I cannot wait to have this with a cup of coffee, as I imagine it’d be the perfect pairing. This bar is a must for any coffee and chocolate lover. You won’t be disappointed.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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