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Ritter Sport Straciatella

I admit upon seeing this bar, I was confused as to what “Stracciatella” was. The wrapper shows an ice cream cone on it, so my first assumption is that it’s an ice cream flavor. Interested by all of this, I bought the bar and took it home to review.I cannot resist new things.

Also some poking around the internet, I found out that Stracciatella is the Italian version of our Chocolate Chip ice cream. Which is essentially vanilla ice cream with chocolate flecks in it. Simple, yet tasty. I break open the wrapper to examine it, and as always, Ritter Bars are beautifully pristine. I snap off a row of chocolates and I see the white cream interior, complete with chocolate flecks.

The chocolate has a nice layer of white cream flecked with chocolate bits in it. The flavor is milky at first, then there’s an accent with nice notes of the chocolate. The chocolate is rich, but not too sweet. The center is very creamy and tastes like vanilla and milk. I’m immediately reminded of ice cream. I can’t really taste the chocolate flecks, but the chocolate exterior more than makes up for that. The two parts together makes it a nice chocolate/vanilla flavor mix. Like a chocolate vanilla twist soft serve ice cream cone.

I found this bar extremely tasty, and it’s nice to have a bar with a more vanilla cream filling than a chocolate one. It feels more unique to me for some reason. Everyone I shared this bar with really enjoyed it too, so I know I am not alone in my opinion. If your flavor preference run more on the classical side, I’d give this one a try. It feels new, but with the flavors we all know and love.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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