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Sour DOTS box

“The Dot that bites back!” says this package of Sour DOTS. Seems like they decided to have an addition to the DOTS family. I was excited to try these once I found them, as most of the variations on the traditional DOTS I’ve had I’ve liked a lot. Even though I am not crazy on sour candy, maybe a sour variation on a candy I already liked would be the trick.

First of all, I love the package for these. The DOTS that are making sour, puckering faces are just too cute! I’m always a sucker when you add faces to candy. These colors are also fun and inviting and do send off that “sour” vibe.

Opening the box, I find that a coating of citric acid and sugar are what makes these DOTS sour. The coating doesn’t rub off in my hands in a pile of powder, so it sticks well to the traditional DOTS gumdrop. It like it when candy isn’t messy to eat.



Grape: These start off sour then build into a very juicy, standard grape flavor. Know what else tastes exactly like this? Grape tootsie pops. Not a surprise since they come from the same company!

Lemon: This one is amazing. Bright and zesty from the start. Has that beautiful, straight, authentic flavor of a real lemon. Like real sour lemons drops. So awesome!

Orange: Very smooth and plain. Has an base orange flavor, but with no tartness or zest to it.

Green Apple: Has that very acute, fruity, fake sour apple taste. It’s very floral and smooth, but has that funny accent to it that’s hard to lay one’s finger on.

Cherry: Sour at first from the dusting on the top, then the very bright, woodsy cherry flavors come through. They have a very acute berry edge to them which makes them floral and sweet. It
not too metallic at all surprisingly.

I was really impressed with these! I enjoyed them a lot, especially since the sour parts didn’t last very long. Sour or DOTS lovers alike, I really recommend these!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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  1. I saw these in my local Walgreens and almost picked up a box, but opted to buy mellow-creme pumpkins instead raspberry I will definitely be getting these next time. Good review.

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