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Sour Punch Bits Strawberry Watermelon Box

I’ve heard about these Sour Punch Bits, a new type of sour candy that’s a spinoff of Sour Punch Straws. I found a box of them in a candy store called Rocket Fizz in old town Pasadena. Unlike Sour Punch Straws that come in a clear cellophane package, these new Bits come in a movie theater sized box. I’m not the biggest fan of Sour Punch Straws, but seeing these new variety I couldn’t help but want to give them a shot. 

The box these Bits come in is very attractive. The box’s design isn’t too busy, it has a bright yellow background with their signature logo and Punch faces puckering. It also has colorful illustrations of strawberries and watermelon on it, so it’s vibrant and delicious looking.

Opening the box, you find a small plastic bag that takes up about half of the box inside. It’s tightly sealed and keeps the candies fresh and safe. Opening the package, I get a whiff of the candies: they smell like cardboard. Ooooh yeah.


Sour Punch Bits Strawberry Watermelon

The candies are thick little tubes, striped with color and sanded with sour sugar. They clump easily and feel slightly squishy to the touch.

The flavor is tart and fruity, but I wouldn’t call them sour. The sour sugar coating has a sour edge to it, and you really don’t taste it until the end of the candy’s flavor. Speaking of the candies flavor, it’s very…plastic, more so than the original Sour Punch straws. It starts out sweet, then the berry flavor kicks it. It’s…also just sweet. The watermelon shows up giving it a lighter fake “watermelon” taste we know so well. The flavor ends with “red” flavor akin to Twizzlers, then dissipates.

I would eat the normal Sour Punch Straws over these any day. I shared the rest of my package with friends, and they all really liked them, so what do I know. Since buying these I also seen a lemon and tangerine flavor, which, I am interested in trying despite not liking this flavor. It just goes to show that certain candies will speak to some and not others.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

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