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Sour Punch Straws: Zappin' Apple Package

I like it when candy catches my attention, as it’s made to stand out with it’s brightly colored packaging, fun shapes and delicious flavors. Sour Punch Straws have fallen under my radar again in the past few days, as I’ve been seeing them in the news and on a few commercials on TV. My new roommate called me in from the other room to come watch as one played during one of her favorite shows. I find it interesting how people latch onto my candy obsession so quickly. Regardless, all this buzz about “new and improved” flavors of this classic candy certainly made me curious and eager to get some to try.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of the new Zappin’ Apple flavor of Sour Punch. I’ve eaten this flavor before, even though I’ve only officially reviewed the Strawberry flavor for The Candy Enthusiast, and have enjoyed it. If you recall from my other Sour Punch article, I ate them with my college roommate, which is probably the last time since I had the apple variety. Trust me, it’s not as far away as you might think.

I like how even though the flavor has been tweaked, the packaging has not. I like being able to enjoy the same graphic design as always, it’s a very iconic style to me and I’d hate it if it was altered in any way.

The straws come neatly packaged and protected in their tray, and they smell wonderfully fruity, floral and tart. There’s a slight, but appealing artificial edge to it. They look beautiful with a nice bright green color with the sanded sugar coating.


Sour Punch Straws: Zappin' Apple

The texture is wonderful. The straws feel thick and chewy without tiring out my jaw. There’s good resistance to my chewing and they have good staying power in my mouth, as they don’t dissolve right away or get sticky.

The sour has a good punch (ha ha) to it from the sugary coating. It’s strong, yet, it comes across authentically, like a tart granny smith apple. The flavor is much more fruity and juicy than the aroma suggests. I was afraid I’d be getting the standard Jolly Rancher apple flavor, but thankfully I don’t. I really enjoy the tart/sweet and intense/mild flavor play here.

As soon as I finished my package, I found this cute video featuring a tween using a Sour Punch straw as, well, a straw. I’m a little baffled that I didn’t think of that myself.

Even though I don’t have some of the “before” Sour Punch straws to compare, I have to say that I really like where the new Zappin’ Apple flavor is headed (as in straight into my mouth to be eaten!). Usually when a company plays with flavors and formulas, the end result is sub par (I’m looking at you Hershey’s products and Runts!) but I am happy to say these new version is better than the original.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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