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VanSlooten Sun & Fun Fruitgums Can

Everyone has their preferences with candy, and that’s the beauty of it all. I have preferences just like everyone else, but I also enjoy trying everything because I’m a big foodie like that. One candy that’s always in my stash are gummis. Both my boyfriend and I are big fans of gummi candies, so we’re always looking for new kinds and well as keeping the classic favorites around. When I saw these VanSlooten Sun & Fun gummis, I was interested since I’ve never seen anything like these before.

The come in a convenient tube with a removable top. The package design is simple, yet eye-catching. The photos of the gummis are pretty spot on in representing the candies on the inside, so it’s not a sad surprise when you do go about opening the package. The top was a little hard to remove at first, but once I practiced it a few times I had it down. The package smells fruity and sweet, but not of any particular fruit.


VanSlooten Sun & Fun Fruitgums

Green: Hard to lay my finger on this place. It isn’t lime or watermelon, but it has juicy fruity notes and a pleasant flavor. My best guess is it’s apple.

Beige/Brown (Cola): Sweet with spicy notes to it, like a good cola should. It reminds me more of Pepsi than Coke, as the spice flavor is more predominant.

Red: Sweet and floral, and surprisingly mild. Not really sure what this one is supposed to be. I get soapy notes every so often. Whatever it is I’m not quite sold on it.

Orange: Orange, but more like an orange cola flavor. It has some strange spicy/bitter notes to it that remind me of some orange candies I taste around Halloween.

Green/Maroon: This one is sweet and tasty. Has notes of “red” and berries. I think it’s trying to be strawberry or cherry, but the taste is so nondescript that I cannot place my finger on it.

These proved to be interesting all right. The flavors seemed kinda benign and muddled, but that didn’t stop me from eating them after the tasting. I shared them with my friends, like I do all my candies, and they liked these too. One especially with smitten with their dense, chewy texture. When I really sit down and think about it, I finally touched on what these remind me of: wine gums. Regardless, if you’re a gummi fan, these are a fun variety to try!

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again






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