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Wonka Kazooles Package

Last but not least, these Kazoozles are another new candy offering from Wonka. I was a bit nervous about trying these at first, as I’ve had the precursor to them, the SweeTart rope. Let’s just say I took a bite, realized the two of us didn’t get along, and threw the rest away. I recognized the format immediately, a thick chew, similar to red licorice, with a flavored filling on the inside. Since I am willing to give a second (or sometimes a third) chance to any candy, I was curious, and hopeful, to give the new Kazoozles a go.

The Kazoozles come in two flavors, a Cherry Punch, which I have here, and Pink Lemonade . You can read about the latter over on’s review. These smell so strongly and soon as you open the packet. They reek of fresh cherries and fruit punch with the notes of berries, red fruits and pineapple dominating over the rest. I’m happy to say that’s faithful with the flavor description! Some might be put off by such a strong aroma, but I admit i really enjoyed it.


Wonka Kazooles

The texture is so thick and chewy, I’m immediately in love. It’s a nice and thick chew that’s soft with just the right amount of give. The blue center is fluffy, kinda like a slick marshmallow. In the mouth it’s feels spongy and slippery. As I was eating them I was able to nibble at these, which I appreciate, as it makes the candy last longer for me. It all comes down to the great chew that they have.

The flavor is very intense starting with strong burst of black cherry, which is nicely sweet and very strong. The cherry is thankfully not too bitter or medicinal, and it’s a really good cherry red licorice. The punch center tastes just like Hawaiian Punch, strong and fruity with a very sharp tartness to it.

I am very pleased with these and am glad to see such a vast improvement on a product. I’ve shared these with friends and they’ve all enjoyed them as much as I did. I hope to start seeing these in stores soon as I know I’ll have a craving for these every now and again, when I feel the new for something chewy and sour. I’m also really interested to try the Pink Lemonade flavor so I’m going to keep my eyes peeled.

Rating: Will Eat Again

Will Eat Again

Links Wonka Website

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  6. Thank you so much for the great review!  I’m so excited to try this!  I love lemonade flavors more than cherry, so I think I want to try that one.  I’ve never tried the sweet tart rope, but I love the nerds rope!!

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