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Wonka SweetTarts Hearts Box

Onto the last pocket-sized box Valentine’s Day candy! After the last two boxes of the Sweethearts, I was a little apprehensive to give another “message” candy a try. I then say these Wonka SweetTarts hearts and figured what the heck. The package is still very much Wonka styled but has a hint of Valentine’s Day on it. It has a nice spot to write your “To” and “From” on the box. I wonder if anyone uses it?

The candies inside are about the diameter of a penny and made of that same compressed dextrose as normal SweetTarts. they come in five colors: red, purple, orange, green and blue.

First off, these candies are such an improvement over the Necco Sweethearts. None were broken, the candy has a nice sheen to them, and the part that’s most striking to me is that the messages are imprinted into the candy as opposed to printed on like the Sweethearts. They say the typical cute things like “XOXO”, “Cutie”, “Kiss Me”, “Love U” and “Maybe”.

Wonka SweetTarts

Red is sour and fruity like cherry. It’s extremely tart and bitter.

Orange is bright and zesty with a wonderful juicy orange flavor.

Blue is very sour with a strong floral flavor that kinda tastes like berries.

Green is tart with a strange apple/melon taste to it.

Purple is a medicinal sour grape.

These are just like normal SweetTarts, so this is a cute candy alternative to the Sweethearts if you’re a big fan of SweetTarts and the style of flirty Valentine’s Day candy.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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