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Zitners Eggs

I noticed these in my local Wawa and just stopped dead in my tracks as soon as I saw them. Being so enthusiastic about candy, it’s rare to see something new, and these Zitner’s eggs were certainly something new to me. I scooped up all the flavors they had to take home to taste, giggling all the way.

After a little research I found that Zitner is a candy company local to Philadelphia, so it’d make sense they’d be carried by a local store like Wawa. Other than the fact they’ve been around for some time, they’re a bit of a retro/classic candy in that sense. The eggs are small, about 1 1/8 oz and have a wonderful vintage design to them that’s very appealing.

Butter Creme Egg: The chocolate is very dark and the shape is not egg like at all, more like a disfigured rectangle with rounded corners. It smells sweet and coconutty as opposed to chocolates or like butter. A good sign? The ingredients say it is dark chocolate or milk chocolate (real chocolate, yet it had milk fat in it, and it’s processed with alkali so no wonder it’s so dark) so I guess it’s a game to try and figure out which? Odd. The shell has a good thickness and makes a appealing “klock” noise in my mouth when I bite into it. It’s very sweet, but I do get notes of cocoa, so it’s all good, but sugar is definitely king here. The center is more of a creme, like the label says, yet I was still surprised since I was expecting that fluffy, nougat like creme found in the Russell Stover Eggs. This is much more akin to the Cadbury Creme Egg. It’s disappointing that I get no butter flavor from it at all, it’s just sweet. Granted, it’s a nice, overpowering sweet but it’s still sweet. I wanted me some butter flavor.

Butter Krak Egg: Firstly, very odd name, even with the misspelling. This also doesn’t look like an egg, and I wished it looked more like the Butter Creme egg, this one looks like a piece of nicely formed dog poo. I wish I was kidding. The surface texture is much more rippled, suggesting the coconut inside, and the chocolate is also very dark, almost black. The ingredients list also make it a dark/milk guessing game. So tasting is the only way to find out. The first bite of this was more crumbly, since right under the shell is a layer of chocolate and coconut shavings, then under that is the coconut creme center, which also has the coconut shavings in it. This one is much heaver and more dense. The flavor that dominates here is the sweetness too, but it’s cut by the slight saltiness of the coconut. The center is this one is much nicer, as it’s dense, coconutty and very rich. I get pieces of the chocolate, which I love, and the texture with the chocolate is really nice. I can see why everyone fusses over the Krack egg as opposed to the other flavors in this line, it’s is truly addicting.

Cocoanut Creme Egg: Yet again with the odd misspelling in the name. Interesting. The ingredients say that this egg uses dark chocolate, but I see milk ingredients listed. Unwrapped the egg looks more like a rustic mess more than an egg, just like the other two. The enrobing is uneven at best. The smell is rich and very coconutty. The texture is thick, wet and chewy. The coconut has a sweet creamy flavor that’s very floral. I’m reminded of suntan lotion, but in a good way. The chocolate is sweet and compliments the coconut well.

A fun trio of eggs for Easter and were a refreshing break from all the main stream candies around. If you see them, they’re worth a try. They’ve been a regional favorite for a reason!

Rating: Will Buy Again


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