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Box of Boogers Box

I admit that one of the many marketing ploys that are used to sell some candies is the “gross” factor. This is why I’ve seen Flix’ Box of Boogers around for a bit now and I’ve never bought them before now. The tagline on the box that reads “Tangy Gummy Boogies that look & feel real!” doesn’t really make me want to buy, much less eat it. But, in the spirit of Halloween, I felt I owed it to my readers to at leave give these a go.

I feel that this is a very unique Halloween candy, since it plays on the “trick” part of “trick or treat”. You start with the idea of eating boogers, which children often do, and volia, a Halloween candy with a “gross” factor. The packaging is very catchy, with an ooze green and purple color scheme. Combined with a grotesque character of “chef Ghoulicious” and images of the candy. It’s enticing in the “I want this cause it will gross Mom out” sort of way.

The candies do indeed look like boogers. And what I mean by that is they’re lumpy and green. Granted I haven’t seen boogers like this in some time. People with snot this green should really see a doctor in regard to an infection of some sort. I’m sure that’s a bonus for those who would enjoy this candy. It certainly adds to the gross out factor. The back of the box describes the flavors, which I am grateful for, since I haven’t eaten boogers myself since I was 4 years old or so, and I’ve quite forgotten their “flavor”.

To start the texture of these gummis are very chewy. They’re much more dense that I was expecting. They’re somewhere in between Gummi Bears and Starburst.


Box of Boogers

Snottermelon: This flavor starts off sweet and floral, and the flavor grows the longer you chew. It’s not terribly tart, but more flavorful and accurate than the watermelon flavor you find in jolly ranchers. I admit I liked it.

Sour Green Boogy: I admit, I tried this boogie and it tasted just like the Snottermelon, except the flavor was more intense. Sweetness mixed with a floral taste with a hint of artificial flavor. Regardless, it still tasted good. Now I am confused, since I’ve eaten many green boogers out of this bag, and neither of them really git this flavor title. So strange.

Lemon Loogy: This one was immediately tart and flavorful. It reminds me of a lemon drop or one of those lemon lollipops you get in banks. It has a nice lemon flavor with a hint of bitterness. Tasty and surprising.

I was surprised by these, as I really kinda liked them. Especially the lemon ones. I shared them around the office with my co-workers, as the question of “Hey want to have some of my Boogers?” never gets old. The brave few who tried them liked them as well. So, count this point toward to “you never know until you try it” theory. Pretty tasty and pretty good for Halloween!

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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