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Fruitella Package

I was so excited that I was given these as one of my UK candy finds. With my love for the US’s Starburst and Japan’s HiChew, I can safely assume that the UK equivalent would be something right up my alley. Fruitella seem to be a bit of a classic UK candy, found in most stores and even sold individually in bulk bins. I know that, unlike Starburst and HiChew, they use all natural ingredients and flavors, which I find attractive in a candy.

The pieces are a little smaller and a little thicker than a Starburst chew, yet they approximately the same: square in shape, wrapped in colorful wax paper and come in a long roll.

First, I have to report that I only tasted a few of the flavors because in this pack of four big rolls I assumed that all were the same assorted mix of every flavor. I was mistaken. I only realized this after it was too late to get the ones I shared with my boyfriend. He did say they were very tasty though.

But out of the flavors I did try, I did enjoy very much.

Strawberry: The color is a light pastel pink, since it’s all natural. Te flavor is very milky, creamy, and berry-like. It’s odd because I also taste notes of banana and medicine in there too. It’s an odd, starchy sweetness followed by a bitterness that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It was good, but strange.

Orange: Nowhere near as intense as the Starburst orange flavor. The taste is mild with an authentic juiciness and nice zest to it.  It still gets my saliva going, which I love.

Lemon: The color is a light, pastel yellow. The flavor is extremely authentic of fresh lemons: zesty, tart, bright and citrusy. It left an awesome fresh flavor in my mouth and I couldn’t get enough of these.

Black currant: A favorite flavor over in the UK that I wish we’d see more of in the States. It’s very accurate with the flavor as it immediately reads as “currant”. It starts out tasting like grape, then turns more berry with a zesty, pine-like flavors as you begin to chew. It’s extremely juicy, getting my mouth worked up more than the orange flavor. It’s really nice as the flavor is mild, yet delivers the great sweet and fruity flavors of the currants. Yum.

I hope to get my hands on more so I can try the peach, raspberry and pear flavors I missed. Next time!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again


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