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Milky Pineapple Bag

Milky is one of the few Japanese candies I remember discovering when I was in Japan. Most of my Japanese candy experiences come from visits to Asian markets here in the States, so it’s novel for me to find one on native soil. I remember stopping into a Family Mart, which is a popular chain convenience store there, and found a bag of strawberry flavored Milky. I was there in January, so I didn’t realize that I was experiencing the annual explosion of strawberry flavored candy exclusive to that time of year. My friend and I decided those looked the most delicious out of everything we saw in the aisle and promptly bought them to snack on later that day.

Needless to say, we were floored by the intensely creamy, flavorful and chewy caramels known as Milky. We kept buying more whenever we came across them, and even stashed a few bags in our suitcases when it was time to return home. I only ever saw the standard vanilla and chocolate Milky for a few years after my return, and it’s only in recent months I’ve seen the fruit flavored limited editions in stores here. I was so happy when I saw the pineapple one in my local Asian market, and snatched the bag so fast I’m sure it broke the sound barrier (ok, I exaggerate, but it was fast!).

Another fun fact to note is that the six year old girl on the bags, Peko-chan, is the mascot for the Fujiya company that makes Milky, since 1950. That’s a pretty old!

So what makes up these little balls of delicious addiction? Milky are simple little creamy caramels, as they’re made ingredients are condensed milk and pineapple juice. So appealing!

There’s about 40 caramels in this bag, which is a nice amount. The caramels are the the size of hazelnuts, wrapped in wax paper with images of pineapple and Peko-chan on it. The candy itself is hard, but has a little give to it when you squeeze it. It’s a creamy yellow color. The chew is thick and creamy, like a nice soft caramel. The flavor is very authentically pineapple with wonderful sweet notes and a hint of that apple tartness. It’s creamy from the milk base, so it tastes like a refreshing pineapple milkshake.

I love these candies as much as the first day I tried them. They’re simple, sweet, and satisfying. I hope I can continue to find them more easily, as they’re something I really like having in my stash on a regular basis.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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