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Fuyu Pocky

Fuyu Pocky, or “Winter Pocky” is the king of all Pocky flavors. Why do you ask? Well, in my opinion, it’s the best of the best. It’s package has changed slightly from year to year, but I’m happy to see it’s a annual release. I reviewed it back in 2007 for, and since I was given this as a free sample from, I figured it was time I gushed about it again.

The premise of Pocky, for those of you who don’t know, is a small stick of biscuit cookie that has a flavored coating covering about 3/4 of it. The flavors of the coating range from chocolate, vanilla and strawberry to more crazy flavors like red bean and green tea. I’ve tried so many varieties over the years that they all seem normal to me now. So what makes Fuyu Pocky different? It’s got thicker chocolate coating on it than the normal kinds, and it’s dusted with cocoa powder. Simple, yes?

So how does it taste? The flavor is awesome. It’s the most chocolatey Pocky I’ve ever had. The coating, due to it’s size, gets you double the flavor hit. The cocoa dusting doesn’t flake or fall off and it really adds to the taste, rather than just looking decorative. The texture of the chocolate is really creamy too, unlike the other Pocky flavors which are more oily and slick. The biscuit stick is still lightly vanilla flavored and has that nice crunch to it. Super nummy!

I haven’t been to an Asian Market in the past few weeks, but usually they are pretty good about stocking the newest Pocky flavors. Wherever you see these, I recommend you pick them up. I know I’ll be hoarding them until next winter.
Rating: Hoard



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