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Good & Fiery Box Side

When I first heard about Good & Fiery coming to stores, I was pretty excited. I was expecting a candy like Good & Fruity, which was essentially fruit jelly beans, but instead with flavors that you find in spice beans. You know the flavors that I’m referring to: clove, cinnamon, licorice, wintergreen and spearmint/peppermint. It took some time to find these, as I searched for them for quite some time, only to run into them at CVS the other day.

I just love the box. The black background really makes the colors of the fires and jelly beans pop, and it really gets you in the mind set of an intense taste experience.

The pieces look pretty, the colors are bright and they all mix well together. Their shape are like reject Hot Tamales, and there’s lots of variation amongst them. Not a lot of quality control here.


Good & Fiery

The flavor? Well, I’ll be brief. It’s like eating your grandmother’s bowl of potpourri that she’s had in the foyer for the past ten years. They’re dreadful. The cinnamon one is passable, it’s spicy and hot and has a nice kick to it. I’d rather have a Hot Tamale though. Orange just is really sweet at first than has this odd heat to it. Same with the lemon. The apple was only in my mouth a second before I spat it out, as it just tasted so much like perfume my head was telling me it wasn’t edible.

I don’t like giving candies a bad review, because I know it’s such a subjective thing. But these are really, really awful. It makes me sad since they had so much potential too.

If you don’t believe me, check out Cybele’s review at and SugatHi’s more positive thoughts.

Rating: Inedible



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