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Griotten Spiders

Aren’t these just perfectly creepy? Just in time for Halloween too! I first heard of Griotten from a post Cybele made on CandyBlog a few months ago. They immediately caught my attention and I’ve kept an keen eye out for them for some time.The kind displayed on CandyBlog look like brown sugar cubes which is how you’d normally find them. I hadn’t seen them in spider form until I was given these as a gift.


Groetten I

Since I’ve had both shaped of Griotten before, I want to say there’s really no difference other than size. The spiders are about the equivalent of three of the cubes. The texture of these is so much fun. They’re squishy; similar to marshmallows but a little denser. They hold their shape instead of caving in with you play and eat them. The granulated sugar coating is a nice touch. It adds a subtle crunch to the light, fluffy and chewy texture. It also adds to the creepy-crawliness of the spiders.

The flavor is of black licorice, just so you know. It’s very heavy on the molasses aspect, so the flavor is much milder than the other licorices out there. It’s a good starting point if you want to learn to appreciate black licorice and want to start on something less intense. The sweetness is mild too, not too much and certainly doesn’t overpower the rich licorice and molasses flavors.

Like so many other candies this time of year, the shapes are so perfect for Halloween treats alike. I wish I could keep myself from eating them so I could put them to creative purposes. They’re just too tasty though.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again


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