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Hershey's Meltaway Kisses Package

These newest Kiss on the block are the new Hershey’s Meltaway Kisses. I spotted them a few weeks ago for the first time in Target, and resisted them. It seemed like just another variety gimmick to me, like the Hot Cocoa and Truffle Kisses, which are really just chocolate flavored kisses. Despite my best efforts, I still eyed them upon every trip to the store until I finally broke down and decided that the purchase was “for the blog”. Excuses, excuses.

I went into trying these not expecting much. I knew they’d be a type of chocolate flavor. “Meltaway” to me means they’ve added some tropical oils in there to make the center smoother and greasier, none of which excites me very much. I don’t understand why I feel so intent on trying them.


Hershey's Meltaway Kisses Bitten

The wrapper is a light gold with bolder darker gold stripes. Unwrapping one I see it’s a molded shaped Kiss, like most are these days. It smells very sweet and milky with a kiss of caramel.

These Kisses are very soft, as many of them were a tad squishy when I picked them up even though they weren’t anywhere near something warm. And no, not even my hands as I’m always cold. The bite is soft too, and I get no hint of a shell or a definitive center. It’s just all smooth. Looking at my bitten Kiss there’s no separation at all, just a smoother center. My surmise is Hershey’s must have just molded a more milky, soft chocolate for these.

The flavor is extremely sweet, mainly of sugar, cream and a tad of caramel. It is very chocolately. I’m reminded of chocolate ice cream, as the chocolate flavor is there, just surrounded and complimented by the milk and cream.

It’s a nice kiss, nothing remarkable, but I’d eat there again over the “normal” ones.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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