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Hichew Daruma Cherry

I saved the oddest HiChew for the last of the reviews. This one has a pretty busy design, with a daruma doll and many scattered ume (or Japanese plum) blossoms. Since all the flavor descriptions are listed in kanji, I am not able to decipher it, and the lack of any food item on the wrapper doesn’t help me either. I went into trying this not knowing what to expect at all. 

Now I’m sure this is a pretty seasonal HiChew, as daruma dolls are meant for making wishes on, and ume blossoms are the symbol of spring. I’ve seen many candies with images of sakura and other Japanese cultural motifs on them, and have the flavor be something completely normal (the regular flavored Kit kats that come out in the spring immediately come to mind). Still, part of me cannot help but wonder if the flavor here is much more unusual than that. 

Inside, the chews are a pretty light pink. They have a light, floral smell. Now, I don’t mean that in the sense that it’s floral how some things taste floral, like some cheeses and vegetables and fruits. No, no. This smells like I had just buried my nose in a rose. It’s interesting.

Taking a bite into my first piece, the flavor is hard to describe. It’s got this strong, sour flavor that takes the forefront. It’s also vaguely fruity, and overall it just tastes of flowers. It has moments of tartness, and if you wait for it, it’s also a little salty. I think I’m onto what this flavor is trying to mimic, and it’s umeboshi, the very salty/sour Japanese pickled plum.

I finished my package, so it’s good, just unique. By far the strangest HiChew I’ve had to date.

Rating: Not Worth It


Not Worth It

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