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Intentional Chocolate Box

There’s a lot to be said about intention, especially if it is positive. I’ve heard so many times that how we go through life is all about attitude and how we intend to see things. If we keep a positive outlook, we experience positive things. I’ve always considered gifts of sweets and chocolate to be good examples of positive intent. Gifts are an act of kindness, and chocolate is something that makes everyone happy (If it doesn’t, you must be an alien or something…). I was presented with these beautiful chocolates, these Intentional Chocolates, by my boyfriend. A very positive experience overall.

So what makes these chocolate specifically intentional? Well, these chocolate are created and, get this, prayed upon by Buddhist monks with this intent:


“Whoever consumes this chocolate will manifest optimal health and functioning at physical, emotional and mental levels, and in particular will enjoy an increased sense of energy, vigor and well-being for the benefit of all beings.”

Now I hear you chuckling at this hippy mumbo-jumbo. But these chocolates were researched and tested in labs, and have been proven to make people happier, less stress and a myriad of other good things then those who ate normal chocolate. You can read all about it here. I’m not one to argue with science, or with chocolate.


Intentional Chocolate: Wrapper

I was gifted a box of the Chocolate Raspberry Triangles. They come in a beautiful long, red box, one that I often see necklaces encased in. It’s simply packaged, with the box sliding from under the label and a snugly fitting top. The shapes of the chocolates is just as the name implies: triangles. They’re arranged beautifully inside the box, and they sit just so that nothing sifts or gets damaged. On top of each chocolate is an image of a stick figure in lotus position holding a flower. I find this terribly fitting and cute.

The shells are nice and solid. There’s some weaknesses in the shells, some have corners that are cracked and exposed. Usually that’s something I look down upon, but here it gives a nice, hand-made quality to the bonbons. Taking my first bite, I find the shell cracks easily releasing a smooth, creamy ganache interior.


Intentional Chocolate: Bitten

The flavor has light raspberry notes that blend into the wild and fruity Hawaiian chocolate. notes of red berries, raisins, caramel, cream and a nice sour notes of raspberries and citrus toward the end. Very smooth and silky.

Ah, and I’m sure you’re all curious if I felt all the possible health benefits that these chocolate declare they give. Well, lets say I’m keeping a positive outlook and feeling good about how my past few days have gone. I don’t feel any more optimistic than normal, but when you look at it, that’s not quite how intent works. These chocolates provide a nice little nudge of motivation to be happy and feel good about what’s going on in your life. And I certainly do. 

Rating: Hoard



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