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Jelly Belly Sunkist Citrus Mix Tin Open

I was pleasantly surprised and excited to find that Jelly Belly was releasing a new flavor mix based on the Sunkist line of citrus flavors. A couple years ago Jelly Belly had bought out the Sunkist candy line and have since tweaked the Fruit Gems packaging and the flavors. Thankfully, for the most part, the flavors and idea of Sunkist candy is still faithful to the idea of tasty fruit and citrus jellies. These new Jelly Belly Beans flavor is no exception.

First, I like how the flavors are translated from one jelly candy to another. Sure, fruit pate and jelly beans have the same origins with Turkish Delight, but the fact that granulated sugar covers one and a panned shell the other, still makes them different in my mind. It’s fun to experience the flavors in a way that feels new to me.

True to all the Jelly Belly line, these beans are made with real juices, citrus oils and pulp. Or so totes the press release. Also, each 40 gram serving of this mix provides 25% of you DV of Vitamin C. I guess anything to make candy seem healthier, right?


Jelly Belly Sunkst Citrus Jelly Beans

Sunkist Lime: Pleasing with it’s bright light green color. The flavor is immediately tart, bitter and zesty. Unmistakeably lime.

Sunkist Pink Grapefruit: Wonderfully tart, sweet and juicy like a real grapefruit. It has that nice acidic edge to it along with bitterness you get from the pith. Beautiful.

Sunkist Orange: Very smooth and sweet flavor. I almost want to say it’s creamy because the flavor is absent of that citrus zest I associate with oranges.

Sunkist Lemon: The lemon is surprisingly sweet and juicy. No tartness or zest at all that I associate with lemons. Then I had another one and found it to be quite sour. Interesting.

Sunkist Tangerine: This has the tartness that I was expecting the orange to have. It’s still only a slight tartness, but it did carry that extra sweetness that tangerines have.

I wish I had some of the Sunkist gels on hand to compare these to. Alas I don’t, so I’ll save that for another day. These flavors stand beautifully alone as well, so if you’re a citrus lover, this is the mix you’ve been dreaming of. The press release says you can start seeing the mix in stores in February and March, so keep your eyes peeled!

Be sure to check out Cybele’s review of this mix as well.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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