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Kanro Pure Guava Gummi

I was visiting the Mitsuwa market in Culver City the other week, which is where I bought these fun Japanese gummis. The colorful package immediately called out to me on the shelf, but then once I saw what the flavor was, I was completely sold. Guava? Yes please! This is a fruit I fell in love with a long time ago on a family trip to Maui back when I was a wee little kid. Since then I’ve always been on the lookout for guava flavored…well, anything really. So you can imagine my happiness when guava and candy were married into this adorable little package.

They look similar to the Haribo grapefruit gummies. They’re irregular flat discs with a solid coating of sanding sugar on them. They smell extremely sweet and juicy, with notes of pineapple and passion fruit. It’s a very authentic guava aroma.

The candy is immediately fresh and juicy as soon as you pop it into your mouth. The flavor is authentic guava; juicy, sweet, tropical, with notes of peach, passion fruit and pineapple. They’re incredibly good. They have a bit of tartness to them towards the end, but the “first” part of the flavor is so good I don’t mind it at all. So yummy! The texture is nice as it’s just the right amount of chewy for a gummi, it’s neither to hard nor too soft. The texture suggests that these are relatively fresh (which sometimes with imported candy, they aren’t) so it was such a treat to find these to be supple still.

I really appreciated the novelty of this candy, since guava is such a rare flavor to find in the USA. I think it really works well in candy format, so I hope to find it around again sometime soon. I also think that this is a good way to enjoy guava if you’ve never had it before, since in many places you cannot find the fruit to try. Point being: guava is yummy, so are these gummis; so try it sometime.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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