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King Leo Choco-Crisps

King Leo is a candy company with a large history. They’ve been manufacturing sweets since 1901, and I can always easily pick out their products in stores. One reason is that prior to these samples I was graciously given, I thought King Leo only made Old Fashioned Peppermint Sticks. They have a very eye-catching style to their packaging; a very vintage circus theme with bold stripes and a handsome lion mascot wearing a crown. I had a friend who was just crazy for their soft peppermint sticks, and I’d always send them along with a birthday present every year.

I’m delighted to know that even after all these years, King Leo is still trying to create original favorites. That’s where these Choco-Crisps come in. This is their newest confection, so new in fact that they haven’t even designed the packaging for the yet. These are a “perfect bit sized treat” that have a chocolate center and a crunchy candy outside.

CORRECTION: I was informed after this post that the center is not real chocolate but a “high quality chocolate compound” because it was a “a question of melting point and consistency” in the final product. Mockolate is mockolate, yes, but I wasn’t able to taste the difference in these.

The square shape fits nicely in the mouth and the crunch of these is so pristine and crisp. I was pleased to find that the shape of these, even those that were cracked or broken, never were sharp enough to cut my mouth as I ate them. It’s a very clever format.

Raspberry: pink with red stripes: The flavor is very tart and fruity with a hint of sweetness. Once you hit the chocolate center it mixes well with the tart outside. The chocolate is tastes bittersweet and really rounds out the flavor.

Orange: white with orange stripes: Very intense orange flavor, like an orange Tootsie Pop. Since this is a real chocolate center the inside tastes even more heavenly mixed with the orange outside. This one is awesome.

Peppermint: white with red stripes: Tastes like any hard peppermint candy; minty, but not too strong. Like all good peppermint it blends beautifully with the chocolate.

I really loved these. I can’t find a single reason to complain or critique them. I can’t wait to see what the packaging for them will look like, and I’ll definitely keep an eye out for them to appear on store shelves.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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