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Lindt Black Currant

Lindt is a favorite chocolate of mine and has been for some time. I recall my parents buying it on occasion when I was a little kid. They’d had spent some time in Europe and “American” chocolate never satisfied them afterwards. So Lindt was the indulgence of good chocolate back then. It was ingrained into me early on that Lindt was a good chocolate and was something to have from time to time.

Like Godiva, Lindt was been experimenting with new flavors and such in the past few years. This is why the new Black Currant flavor caught my eye. It’s the classic chocolate I love with a new twist. How could I resist! I found this bar only moments before the Godiva Ice Cream Parlor truffles. So yes, I was in new candy overload that day.

The chocolate is a nice middle brown color with a subtle red tones to it. There isn’t much of a sheen to this chocolate, it’s very matte, but it’s still beautiful. The smell is extremely fruity. It’s spot on the aroma of black currants, with their rich, blackberry base and juicy notes of grapes and raspberries. The break for the chocolate is fairly smooth, and surprisingly I noticed these white slivers in the chocolate. Looking at the ingredients list showed there’s small almond slivers in here. 

The aroma made me nervous that the chocolate was going to drown out the chocolate flavor. Thankfully my worries were just that. The flavor is very complex. The currant flavor comes forward first, and it’s not where near as strong as the smell would suggest. The chocolate mixed with the currant flavors and it’s very rich and fruity. The flavor is sweet and smooth, with no tart or sour notes. It’s almost like a sweet wine, all fruity and rich. The currants release their nice blackberry and raspberry flavors. The chocolate gives it some sweetness and rounds out the flavor. The almonds give it a subtle crunch but not flavor. Once is awhile you’d get a currant piece, which also just added a chewy texture.

Very good, yummy!

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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