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Lindt Hot Papaya

Lindt is a pretty well knowing chocolate in my household, and my Mom always had some one hand as I was growing up. The favorites were always the Lindor balls and the milk chocolate bars, but over the years I made sure to have some experience with all of their delicious offerings. I am pleased to see that whenever I stop in the Lindt Store (yes, we are lucky enough to have those here on the east coast) that I often see something new and tempting. That was exactly the case with this new Hot Papaya bar.

Now, I have to say that chili and other hot spices in chocolate are not anything new to me. There was a time when they were novel and I was also a bit intimidated by the idea. Once I gave it a try though I found it to be a pleasing combination and have since had too many chocolate bars with spices to shake a stick at. What sold me on this bar was the fact I’d never seen papaya used. That was the unique selling point here.

Nice deep reddish brown color Very dark and mysterious. Pieces are big and thick, as the filling is sandwiched between the chocolate. Smells tropical and very fruity, sweet and papaya-like wit notes of pineapple, apple and peach. You also get notes of the chocolate and it smells of bright red fruits, coffee and cocoa.

Nice snap to the bite. It’s rich, deep, and tastes very buttery from the cocoa butter. It’s slippery and rich and a nice mellow dark chocolate consistent with Lindt quality. The center is a ganache with a jelly-like filling. the ganache is creamy and smooth, ad gives a cooling counter effect to the fruit and spice jelly filling. As for the filling it’s extremely fruity and fresh, and I am reminded of fresh papaya and other tropical flavors. It’s very intense and delicious. The chili is really an after burn, you get it once the chocolate is swallowed and it appears and this warmth in your mouth. The papaya meshes nicely with the dark chocolate, the sweetness of the fruit ad the milder dark chocolate balance beautifully.

Love how Lindt is trying new fruit and spice combinations in chocolate. This is a winner in my book.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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