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MarieBelle Aztec Chocolate Unsweetened

This is the last of my MarieBelle purchases. I first read about it when Cybele reviewed it on and have been meaning to try it ever since. Since I was in Mariebelle’s store and was making purchases, there was no possible way I could walk out of there without bringing this bar with me.

This bar, the Mayan Chocolate Bar (70% Single Origin Colombian Cacao, Unsweetented), is special because, technically, it’s sugar free. It’s sweetened with milk instead of straight sugar. Don’t get me wrong, as there’s still sugar in here from the lactose, but it’s a more safe, low GI chocolate than those sweetened in the traditional manner.


MarieBelle Aztec Chocolate Strawberry Open

Ingredients read as such: cocoa mass, skim milk powder, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, (emulsifier) (E322) soy lechithin, PGPR-90 polyglicerol, polyricinoleate (emulsifier), natural vanilla. Kosher. Processed neat peanut, tree nuts and milk.

This bar comes in the same format as the Aztec Strawberry bar I reviewed yesterday with it’s square shape with rows of empty peg holes.

You’re immediately hit with a chocolatey smell upon unwrapping this bar. It’s smells deep, sweet and of caramel with light notes of dairy. I also get nice hints of dates and fig in the aroma as it lingers a little. It’s just lovely to sit a moment and enjoy the scents this chocolate gives off.

The break is hard, despite all the milk, and the snap is pretty clean with a little grain to it. I blame that on the milk making the chocolate less even than it is in its purer forms.

The texture is very, very odd. Nothing like I’ve experienced before in chocolate. Instead of being smooth, slippery and feeling almost liquid like on the tongue; this is dry, somewhat chalky and thick. It feels a little like compressed powder at first, but once it melts a little in your mouth it gets more sticky and smooth. I feel this texture invited chewing, which is odd for a dark bar. The flavors are wonderful: subtly bitter, with a nice deep sweetness from the milk which comes off with very nice caramel flavors. The effect is very chocolatey and I do no miss the “sugar” in it. The dairy provides the necessary (and more complex, I think) sweetness and I don’t miss it at all.

Do try this! I’ll by buying this again and again, but not too often as it’s pretty pricey. About the same cost as the Aztec Strawberry bar.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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