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Mars Delight Wrapper

I’ve heard tales of the Mars Delight across the blogosphere. At first I couldn’t help but wonder, especially with the “Delight” in the name, if this was one of the many diet knock-off candy bars that exist (or existed, as many have gone instinct) on the market. Obviously I didn’t know much about the bar at all, so with one finally in hand, I was able to put my assumptions to the test.

The wrapper gives no hint as to what it’s made of. It just says “surprisingly crispy, deliciously smooth” at the bottom. Huh.

Opening the wrapper I see that it’s a long, thin bar that’s split into two sections like an Almond Joy and 100 Grand. I slide out one piece and I’m reminded of a Tobelrone in shape, it’s taller than it is wide. The chocolate is a medium brown color, suggesting the dairy content. The bar itself is beautiful, because the top is molded (instead of enrobed) and has beautiful, curvy, undulating ridges. Despite it’s size, it’s quite heavy. 

The bar smells very sweet I get notes of the chocolate, dry milk powder and some caramel. I’m really excited for my first bite.

I bit down, soft…soft. soft….CRUNCH! Whoa, what was that about a surprising crispiness? Looking at the cross section I just bit into, there’s a very light, cylindrically shaped curly wafer stuck smack-dab in the center of this bar. The top is a caramel creme and the bottom a chocolate mousse. Cool! The flavors are nice as you get a very sweet milky presence from the milk chocolate and another sweet hit with a touch of salt from the caramel. I don’t get anything from the mousse at the bottom. The wafer is really all about the texture, as it tastes lightly of a waffle cone. All you pay attention to is how it’s “surprisingly crispy” and it’s really, really nice.

I enjoyed the noise this bar makes when you eat it. It’s fun to hear the crunch in your mouth when you chew the wafer interior. The only thing I didn’t like about this bar is I don’t feel satisfied after just one. Granted, that wouldn’t have been a problem if I had two of them, but I didn’t, and it really left me wanting more. Very, very badly.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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