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Mentos Bananas 'n Creme

I realize that I’m very late with the pick up here in reviewing these Bananas’n Creme Mentos. So not only do Japanese Kitkats come in funny flavors, but their Mentos do as well. This is one of their crazier flavors, but to be honest I’ve only had their pineapple flavor before and it was really good. I at least applaud them for giving more flavor options than we do here in the states, where you mostly see mint, cinnamon, mixed fruit and strawberry.

In case you’re not in the know, Mentos are chewy dragees, or little M&M shaped candies about the diameter of a nickel. The come in an iconic tube (and some you can find in boxes now) that you often see places next to the gum and mints in the grocery store. I never understood that.

These Mentors are nicely sized and matte with an light, whitish yellow color. The texture is nice and chewy, with a crisp shell and a good long chew to follow. About 1/3 way into the roll, my jaw was already sore form the chewing. Which makes me wonder if one is supposed ot each the whole roll in one sitting. I certainly didn’t make it.

So how is the flavor? Well, I taste more of the “n creme” part than I do banana, really. I do get the banana flavor first, it’s light, fruity and perfumey tasting, like a lighter sweeter version of circus peanuts. Then this flavor is knocked aside from a strong hit of cream, witch is smooth, sweet and then turns into a yogurt like tang.

It was tasty, but not something I’d buy again because I’m not big on banana, even tho the flavor was mild. I know any banana lover would really enjoy these though, if you could buy them anymore that is.

Also check out Cybele’s opinions at, who reviewed them in a much more timely manner.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

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