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Mexican Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls

Happy Cinco De Mayo! I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to review a very unique candy, some beautiful Dia De Los Muertos Sugar Skulls. These were a gift from my best friend, as she found them on Olvera Street in Los Angeles. A place which is a fun mix of authentic Mexican culture and a cheesy tourist gift shoppers dream.

I received two large skulls and four small ones. The big ones are the size of an apricot, and the smaller ones about the size of a bouncy ball. The large ones are hollow, as the bottom opens into the large cavity inside. The smaller ones are completely solid, and therefore, are a bit heavier.

The decorations of the skulls are gorgeous. They have colored icing that was piped onto them. The large skulls have loops and squiggles on each top and said, and are accentuated with a strip of silver metallic paper. The eyes are sequins, with a small stream of icing that makes them look like they’re crying. The small skulls have the same icing patterns on the skulls, and little colored dots for eyes. They’re really cute and pretty to look at.

Eating one of these is a tad problmatic, as they are a solid chunk of sugar. I tried to nibble a piece off one, only to find it incredibly difficult. I eventually had to pop one of the small ones into my mouth and suck on it until it was soft enough to bite down on. The flavor as is to be expected, it’s white sugar. Sweet, with slight honey notes to it and a very grainy and rich texture. 

These are so adorable if you can get your hands on them. Not only are they pretty to look at, and I can see them being useful for many decorative things. I’d love to decorate cupcakes or adorn a cup of coffee or tea with the small ones, for example. A must try if you are lucky enough to find them!
Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again


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