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Mike & Ike Berry Blast Package

Mike & Ike were candies that I didn’t eat as a little kid. Either my parents never gave it to me as an option, or I was just too smitten with Starburst to consider any other fruity candy in my diet. It wasn’t until I was a junior in high school, away at an art summer camp, where I finally tried them. My roommate, a perky girl by the name of Reese (yeah, I’m not kidding you) snacked on them frequently and offered some to me. I was smitten with them as soon as I tasted them and I’ve been enjoying them ever since.

Before I tried them, I didn’t really understand what Mike and Ike candy is. To put it frankly, they’re oblong jelly beans, plain and simple. There’s many different flavor varieties out on the market, and today I’ll review the Berry Blast assortment.

To start things off, I have to gush about this packaging design. I just swoon over the color palette of this one. The bright blues, intense purples and creamy reds are just so visually appealing. I love, love, love it. 


Mike & Ike Berry Blast Star

Blueberry (dark blue): Lightly sweet with strong berry flavors and a deep juicy note that reads “blueberry” to me.

Strawberry )dark red):
Very bright and floral at first, then transforms to a sweet strawberry flavor. The sweetness is beautifully balanced and isn’t overpowering. There’s some artificial flavorings appearing toward the end, which read “licorice” to my taste buds.

Mixed Berry (purple): Has a nice, sweet, mellow berry flavor. I reminds me more of blackberry than blueberry, but they’re in the right area. I think.

Raspberry (pink): Tastes similar to the strawberry, but has harder floral flavors and a slight tartness to it.

Wild Berry (turquoise): How is this different than mixed berry? Well, this one tastes more like punch. I taste that artificial watermelon flavor mixed in there and it’s really strong.


Mike and Ike Mini Boxes

Now, it came to my attention that in the last year or so the Berry Blast flavors were redone. I found a mini box of them and decided to see how the new flavors stack up.

Peach (light orange):
This has an immediate burst of peach and nice floral sweetness to it. It’s yummy.

Blue Raspberry (turquoise): Very floral and actually tastes more of “real” raspberry than the fake one. It’s nicely sweet and very berry. I’m impressed!

Strawberry (pink): Sweet and jammy. This flavor is the most intense of the bunch.

Blueberry (dark blue):
I’m immediately reminded of the blueberry Jelly Belly bean. It’s a berry taste with a strong sweetness and mellow flavor. It’s lightly floral and delicate. Feels very authentic to me.

Blackberry (purple): The flavor seemed vaguely berry flavored to me, but it was hard to pin as blackberry. Only the illustration on the box was a hint. Pleasant, but not a real spot on flavor.

A really great mix if you’re a fan of berry flavors. These may not take first place over the original Mike & Ike mix, but they’re still yummy enough to add in my regular rotation. 

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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