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M&Ms Cherry Cordial Bag

I was so, so excited to see these Cherry Cordial M&Ms on the shelves with all the other holiday candies this year. I haven’t seen these since the Wildly Cherry M&Ms disappeared from stores. I really loved them back then and was excited to have them back in my candy eating life.

The M&Ms come in an attractive red bag with, well, Red on them in the same sort of snow globe motif that Green was in for the Mint bag. The M&ms themselves are a mix of red and maroon colors, and it really makes me wish they’d do away with the blue M&M and replace it with the maroon color in the regular mix. It’d look SO much better.


M&Ms Cherry Cordial

The M&Ms smell slight of cherry, and it reminds me of a Cherry Tootsie Pop rather than cough syrup. Yay!

They taste just like they smell: a rich, sweet, dark cherry flavor that is more sweet and fruity than fake and medicinal. The cherry flavor quickly dissipates and you then get the smooth, sweet chocolate. Very impressive, as they taste just as I remember them.

I shared these with my boyfriend just to make sure I wasn’t looking through rose colored glasses with these. He adored them as well, along with the other friends I shared them with. Do give these a try, as I haven’t come across anyone who hasn’t adored them yet.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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