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Mott's Medleys

This second variety of fruit snacks by Mott’s is Mott’s Medley’s. These fruit snacks flavors are a combination of flavors in one piece to make something harmonious and delicious. I am hoping since I didn’t really like the mildness of the normal Mott’s flavors from the last variety I tried, that make this “medley” of flavors will make something punchier and more flavorful to me.

Since these are “Medley” flavors, there’s only four different types this time around:

Apple Blend: The flavor is very punchy, and tastes like a sharp apple cider right away. I like it!

Grape Blend: This one is also flavorful, you get juicy notes of concord and muscat grapes.

Tropical Blend: This one actually has some pineapple/peach flavors to it. I liked how I can detect two different fruits here.

Berry Blend: The flavor here is mild and jammy, and I do get notes of blackberries and raspberries.

I feel that with this flavor set, Mott’s certainly improved themselves. The taste is much more intense and real than their plain “all natural” fruit snack variety. I like this one much more and if I was into the fruit snack market, this one would be on my list to buy.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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