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Mounds Bar Package

“Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t” is the extremely catchy tag line for Peter Paul’s Almond Joy and Mounds candy bars. Peter Paul was it’s own candy company back in the day, but as time passed it was acquired by Hershey’s, so now even though Almond Joy and Mounds are members of the Hershey’s candy family, they still carry the name of their creator.

Mounds is really such a classic candy bar, and it really is a good example of a how simple ingredients can make something really stellar. Let’s hear it for dark chocolate and coconut! I really can’t say when the last time I had a Mounds bar was. Perhaps college? High school? It’s a bar that I’m a fan of, but something tat gets pushed aside for more specific cravings and newer candy conquests. Which is a shame, really.

Mounds Bar

One thing I want to mention that I really like about Mounds bars is that, well, when you open the wrapper and you find two little pieces of candy bar as opposed to one big long one. It feels like a present in a way. My head goes: “Oooo! I get two? Awesome!” Who cares of they’re smaller, twp pieces are two pieces. I have to give props to Almond Joy and 100 Grand for also doing the same thing.

Onto the tasting! The first piece I took smells dark and sweet, with a whiff of coconut. My first bite is extremely moist and dense, and you can make out the texture of the individual coconut flakes as you chew. The flavor is very sweet, with the coconut as the main, strong flavor. The chocolate compliments it nicely with it’s more subtle, smokey chocolate flavor that cuts into the coconut’s sweetness. It’s extremely balanced and so satisfying. If chocolate and coconut is what gets you goin’, there’s nothing better than the sweet simplicity as executed here.

Like most candy bars today, Mounds had a few limited editions show up on the market. The most notable was the Island Orange that Cybele reviewed and that I was able to find only in mini form. I remembered liking them. 

Rating: Will Eat Again

Will Eat Again

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