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Wonka Chocolate Dome & Chocolate Waterfall Bars

Wonka has been cooking up some new things in that crazy candy factory of his. There’s several new candies on the market, following in the footsteps of the Sluggles and Puckerroom candies that came out last year. The first set of these newcomers are new chocolates! Horray! So when I was contacted by Nestle for free samples to give them a try, I was super excited. Wonka has been up to fun stuff lately, and I can’t wait to taste them.

First thing’s first. I adore the new packaging! They’re bright and colorful and really convey the wackiness that is Willy Wonka. The curly design and the mismatches fonts really give a fun feel to these bars of chocolate. You cannot help but let them catch your eye on the shelves.


Wonka Scrumdiddlyumptious Bar

Scrumdiddlyumptious: What a fun name! The bar smells chocolatey and creamy with a hint of nuts. You can easily see that the chocolate is generously studded with nuts and toffee bits. The flavor is complex with lots of sweets things. Bits of peanuts and toffee you can taste right in the forefront, the toffee is buttery and intense and the peants are fresh and salty. The chooclate is milky and sweet, and takes the backstage to the additions. Overall,y the effect is very sweet, with a salty edge. chocolate texture is creamy, and the peanuts and toffee are wonderfully crunchy. it’sl ike a much crunchier Krackle or Crunch bar. the texture here is really fu

Chocolate Waterfall:Milk and White Chocolate swirled, and the bar is gorgeous to look at. The white chocolate swirls are deliberate and very well defined, and the pattern is really pretty. The chocolate smells sweet, with no hints of chocolate scent. The first bite is very sweet, heavy notes of cream and sugar, with almost a light yogurty flavor to it. My second bite was the same, and I let the chocolate melt in my mouth more slowly so I could try and detect the milk chocolate flavor. Sadly, it’s very mild, so if you really like creamy, sweet chocolate without a big chocolate hit, this bar is great for you. It’s like a mix of white chocolate and milk chocolate, (well, duh) as the flavor really sits between those two classifications. It’s great with a cup of coffee.

Chocolate Dome: A dark chocolate base with a milk chocolate dome in the center.  it smells dark and fruity. the dark chocolate is extremely smooth and cremy, there’s no acidity to it at all, and it melts nicely on the mouth with little frutiness to it. The milk chocolate has a nice coconutty flavor to it, and sweetenes the dark chocolate nicely, balancing out all the creamy flavors. there’s no way to really separate the dome from the base, so you have to eat them together and enjoy the flavor as the two chocolate mix. it’s very nice.

Overall, a really excellent effort on Wonka’s part for trying to make something unique and wacky feeling while keeping the candy familiar and tasty. Certainly worth trying.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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