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Passion Fruit Gummi

I wish I had more information on these gummis. I was given them by a close Japanese friend of mine in a candy care package, so I didn’t even have the benefit of a store label to help me with the name of these. Despite my moderate knowledge of the Japanese language, I can’t even decipher an official name, or even a company or brand name of these. All I know is that they’re passion fruit flavored.

The others information I can gather from the package is what the gummis are like. There’s an illustration that shows them as a round ball with a shell, a white middle layer and a gooey inside.

The candy smells more like banana than passion fruit, and they’re the size of an average gum ball. The color is a matte yellow. The bite is very soft, and the whole gummy collapses as it’s pinched by your teeth. The light sugar shell cracks, revealing a foamy white ring with the gummi center. This delivers an intense passion fruit flavor. It’s just smacks you right in the mouth: tart notes of pineapple, some flavors of apple and mango all making that extremely tart and juicy passion fruit flavor. Wow it is good. The chew is not so much gummi, but does remind me more of a gumball, chewy with a good give to it, but gradually turning grainy and dissolving in your mouth. The gummy center is the last to go and has a good, extra rubbery jelly bean chew to it.

I liked them, and I don’t know where else I’d get a gummi in this flavor, so they’re worth trying if you’re a fan of passion fruit.

Rating:  Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again


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