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M&Ms Pretzel Bag

Meet the latest addition to the M&M family: Pretzel M&Ms. They came out a few weeks ago, with a limited release in Wal-Mart stores, and now they should be found most everywhere. I’ve been seeing them in assorted drug stores and convenience marts alike. Simply put, pretzel M&Ms have pretzel in the…which is pretty self explanatory. People have been pairing pretzels and chocolate for years now, so it’s only logical that M&Ms eventually jump on the bandwagon.

The packaging design borrows from the Crispy M&Ms that came out a few years ago. A blue colored package with a nervous Orange on the front. This makes me sad since I loved the Crispy M&Ms, and the reuse of this design makes me sure they’re not going to ever release them again. An entire package of these clocks in at 150 calories, which is much less than all the other varieties. Which makes this a much better choice if you’re watching that sort of thing.

The M&Ms are big. Bigger than the Peanut M&Ms even. The pretzel pieces are round, so the M&Ms are like little bloated globes. They’re very lightweight surprisingly, and there’s some variation in their size, but they’re all just really big.

The texture is very crunchy, between the candy shell and the pretzel core. Oddly enough, I don’t get a lot of chocolate flavor until the very end, once the pretzel has been chewed away. I get the sweetness from the candy shell, then the starchy saltiness of the pretzel. Once I’m ready to swallow, only then do I taste the chocolate. Strange, to say the last. Guess there’s too much pretzel to go around!

Overall? I liked these M&Ms, but they didn’t replace the Plain M&Ms as my favorites. If you’re really big on that sweet/salty combination, I’d give these a try.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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