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Red Ginseng Chocolate

This one is certainly interesting. During all these years of trying different kinds of candy and chocolate, I’ve never seen such a thing. When I think about it, it seems like a logical thing to do, since ginseng is put into a lot of products nowadays. I’ve just…never seen it in chocolate until now.

It was actually my boyfriend who found this in an Korean market near where he lives (it’s a gorgeous store, I’m jealous it’s so close to him). It’s a pretty box, I really love the ample use of red. The thing is, the design of it doesn’t read as candy or chocolate to me. It might have something to do with the giant ginseng roots and the white chunks on it. Maybe it’s just me.

Inside the box are the chocolates, each an individually wrapped dice-shaped cube. The base is white chocolate, as the box shows and was confirmed by unwrappeing my first, and only, piece to try.

All I can say is, these taste of dirt. No sweetness, no grassyness, no chocolate. Dirt.

There is a “crunch” texture to it that I could glean from the few moments I had it in my mouth. I’m guessing it’s bits of ginseng root.

I immediately swallowed the bite I’d taken and threw the rest in the garbage. Some things are better kept there. Chocolate should never taste of dirt. Never.

Rating: Inedible




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