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Ringpop Halloween Bag

Ring Pops are a candy I recall from my childhood. They weren’t something I’d have regularly, I love chocolate too much and when I wanted a lollipop I’d go for Tootsie Pops. I really don’t ever recall being lured in by the gem shape or the more interesting manner in which you eat it. So when I saw this along with the many other Halloween candies in Target, I figured it was time I gave it a grown-up try.

These Halloween Ring Pops are a little different from the ones you can buy most everyday. Usually they’re sold in single packages with flavors of Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Twisted Berry Blast, Watermelon and Cherry. The Halloween flavor is “Screaming Berry” and I am not sure if it’s the same flavor as the Twisted Berry Blast flavor that’s in the normal flavor lineup. The Halloween one also differs because the package comes with two pops in it. The pops themselves also look different, as these have a black base and a black and orange striped candy “gem” on top.


Ringpop Halloween

I was really surprised, as this Ring Pop is so awkward to eat. It doesn’t fit into my mouth well, and I found that it just caused me to drool all over the place. Can you say awkward? I tried several techniques of sucking on the pop, but the results were the same: I drooled over everything. The flavor didn’t really warm me up to the candy much at all either. It is a nondescript berry flavor, but it tastes the most like raspberry to me. It start off sweet and ends in a tart note, and it smells very fruity like a yogurt. It was nice, but nothing that really “wow-ed” me.

I didn’t like this candy and it wasn’t because it tasted bad. The ring form of it just made it horribly awkward to eat. I could see perhaps as a kid when your mouth is much smaller this could be for fun, but for me it was just a big drooly mess.

Rating: Not Worth It


Not Worth It

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