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RitterSport Butter Biscuit

More Ritter Sport reviews, yay! I am trying to work my way through the flavors I haven’t had before in hopes of discovering some new favorites. Today’s review is one of those new gems! The Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate with Butter Biscuit sounded unimpressive to me, but when I tasted it, I was blown away.

The image on the wrapper shows a rippled butter/shortbread cookie being enveloped with a wave of milk chocolate. The image got me more interested in the candy than the name of this variety did. Hey, an image is worth a thousand words.

Opening the package, you get a nice chocolatey scent from the bar. There’s a hint of butter and vanilla mixed in there. The cross section is beautiful, as it’s very defined and distinct. You see the top lay of chocolate, then the wavy, rippled edge of the butter biscuit, underneath is a layer of chocolate cream and finally the bottom chocolate covering. So enticing. 

The flavor is immediately sweet and chocolately, then the butter biscuit kicks in with it’s sweet, buttery crunch. Unexpectedly, I get a rush of creamy chocolate from that chocolate layer underneath the biscuit. That small well full of chocolate creme and it oozes once you bite down on it. It’s really awesome. This bar has an amazing texture mix along with incredible flavor. I can’t stop eating it.

One of the best Ritter Sport’s I’ve tried so far. It’s really delicious and will be something I’ll be picking up regularly now for chocolate cravings.

Rating: Hoard



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