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Ritter Sport Waffle

This Ritter Sport bar has been on shelves in Germany for some time now. I actually believe it won an award for best Ritter bar a few years ago, but I can’t find any documentation to support that, I just remember reading it somewhere as that’s how I first heard of this flavor. I waited around for a good year before I actually got to try this. I received this as a sample at this years Fancy Food Show back in late June. I was so excited to finally have found this bar that it was one of the first things I tried out of everything I saw that day. Let’s just say I wasn’t disappointed. 

This looks like every other Ritter Bar out of package, a neat square of very high relief squares of chocolate. Beautiful to look at and just invited you to dig in.

Inside the chocolate coating there’s two larger wafers/waffles with a hazelnut creme sandwiched in between. It’s very crispy and the wafers come in blocks, which makes breaking off the squares a tad difficult. The hazelnut is prominent and adds a wonderful nutty sweetness to the chocolate. The texture is this wonderful creamy and crisp combination, and it’s very easy to eat. Almost too easy, as I’m more inclined to chomp away at it than savor it slowly. The chocolate and hazelnut combo is a match made in heaven and it’s just a chocolate masterpiece.

Awesome, awesome, awesome. It’s like a chocolate covered Manner biscuit, and I’m in love.
Rating: Hoard



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